CODE OF CONDUCT – Private Candidates



All interactions with fellow students (either Full-time, Distance or Private Candidates), lecturers and support staff are to be based on courtesy andrespect. Thus, swearing, physical, emotional or verbal abuse, bullying and sexual or violent behaviour of anykind is not acceptable. Property of the College, fellow students and staff is to be respected.

Smoking / Alcohol / Drugs / Gambling

Alcohol, gambling and banned substances are prohibited on campus and at all BritishInternational College functions. British International College has zero tolerance and substances in thebloodstream equate with possession. British International College is a non-smoking campus and this applies to allstaff, studentsandvisitors.Smokingisprohibitedwithin500mofthecampusbylaw.Loiteringisacriminal offence so no student/s may “hang about” while smoking on the streets away fromcampus.


Students are to arrive at least half an hour before their exams. Security will escort them to the waiting area for Private Candidates. The Academic Co-ordinator will fetch Private Candidates from the waiting area 15 minutes prior to the exam and escort them to the examination venue. Private Candidates are not to be found anywhere else on Campus during this time.


All students are to be dressed in a respectable manner.

Cell phones

These may never enter an exam venue but may be used on campus otherwise. If used in a lecture room or in an inappropriate manner, they will be confiscated and only a parent may reclaim them. British International College take no responsibility for any lost or stolen Cell phones. Keeping this in a safe place is the sole responsibility of the student.

Eating and Drinking

This should take place outside or in the student lounge but never in lecture rooms or the Exam Venue. Students are expected to clean up after themselves.

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