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Private Candidates

Members of the public who wish to write Cambridge examinations without being registered to study with a Cambridge institution, can do so as a Private Candidate. Please note: Cambridge does not permit Private Candidates to enter for subjects that include a coursework option. (Art and Design, Computing, Music, Drama).

British International College assists Private Candidates to enter and write Cambridge International Examinations for IGCSE, AS level and A Level qualifications.

Private Candidacy is a service that we offer at our discretion. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application for examination entry.

Please be advised that we are only able to assist with the administration of entry to examinations at the College. Students should contact one of our colleges or a school in the event they wish to improve a grade or to seek guidance and advice on any academic queries. There is a charge for academic consultations and other services for Private Candidates.

Additional Services Available:

Exam Preparation Workshops
(Held in April or September for the following exam session):

LEVEL                                                                    DURATION                              PRICE

FOUNDATION YEAR 7 AND 8                              2 HOURS                            R485.00

FOUNDATION                                                           3 HOURS                              R 957.00

IGCSE COURSES                                                     3 HOURS                              R 970.00

IGCSE BIOLOGY                                                       4 HOURS                              R 1265.00

IGCSE SCIENCES (Includes lab work)                    4 HOURS                              R 2475.00

AS LEVEL COURSES                                              4 HOURS                              R 1323.00

AS LEVEL SCIENCES (Includes lab work)              8 HOURS                              R 2588.00


  • Academic Consultation / Advisory Service:
R390.00 per hour (discussion on best exam options etc.)
  • Topic Tutorials / Private Lesson:



 R490.00 per hour. (Subject and topic to be specified.)

  • Predicted Grades / Marking of  Mock examinations: 
R110 per paper (YEAR 7,8&9), CHECKPOINT R180 per paper, IGCSE R220 per paper, AS level R250 per paper, and AL level R300 per paper.

To request one of the above services, please send an email to and one of our consultants will get back to you.

To apply for an exam entry, please click the ‘Application Form’ button to start the Private Candidate entry process.