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Welcome to British International Distance College

Dear Student

Welcome to the British International Distance College (BIDC)
We are proud to have been selected by the University of Cambridge to offer this unique opportunity to provide you with up to date, quality distance education of the highest international standards.
On completion of your selected courses can achieve Cambridge University International qualifications. BIDC students write examinations set and marked by the Cambridge International Examinations Board in the U.K. 
Throughout the year student receive ongoing support from the highly qualified and experienced British International Distance College Tutors in Johannesburg.
As a registered student at BIDC you will be assigned your own Student Advisor to assist you through your course at all times. Student Advisors assist you with ­all queries and questions pertaining to your studies. You will also have access to a Tutor for every subject for which you have registered who will provide you with ongoing support via email, skype or phone.
We are proud to have you as a student and trust that this will be a fruitful relationship for you. The Student Advisors look forward to working with you to ensure that you achieve your goals. We believe that by choosing BIDC as your preferred education provider, you have taken a significant step toward your future. 
All the best for your selected courses!
Byran Vermeulen 
Operations Coordinator

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