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May/June 2018 Exam Entries

Entries for the May/June 2018 exam session have opened. To generate a quotation, please logon to and complete the “Generate Cambridge Examination Entry” process.


For students writing at one of our alternative exam venues, please ensure you select the correct venue when generating a quotation. Foundation students who wish to write home exams, please contact your student advisor for authorisation prior to making payment for examination entry.


Please also be aware that the first stage of Cambridge exam penalties will start on the 31 of January 2018. Please send through your signed Cambridge exam entry form and the proof of payment to your respective student advisor prior to this date to avoid paying penalties.


Should you have any further queries, please contact your Student Advisor.

Cambridge Exam Results

Dear Parents and Students, 

British International Distance College would like to wish you a very happy and successful year ahead.

The 2017 October/November Cambridge exam results will be released as follows: Advanced Subsidiary Level results will be released on 10 January 2018 and the IGCSE and Checkpoint results will be released on 17 January 2018. A copy of these results will be emailed to your registered e-mail address once they have been made available by Cambridge.

Please contact your student advisor for more information.