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Thailand Adventure

As part of our community service programme, some of our A Level students went to Thailand for two weeks in December. It was a working holiday which meant that the students had planned days working - teaching English in local schools. Teaching was done in 3 schools on the mainland, in the Khao Lak area and in one school on Koh Yao Noi Island.

The rest of the time was spent visiting local cultural heritage sites, which included 3 temples. Other places of interest were James Bond Island, the Floating Village, zip lining, and some students even went to interact and swim with elephants. The students were also participating in various activities such as Thai cooking lessons, which proved to be not only fun for the students, but also helped them learn more about Thai culture. The trip has been a memorable and life changing experience for the students.

The students were accompanied by Mr Blom, Principal of the British International Distance College.

Our A Levels had a ball!

Our annual A level winter ball was held, turning out to be one of the very best we've ever had. Congratulations to all the students who dressed like perfect ladies and gentlemen, and even bigger congratulations to the Student Liaison Council - you did a fantastic job!

Brilliance Awards

We celebrated all of the students (and the lecturers who aided them) who achieved the top marks in their subjects in last year's Cambridge exam. Of the 620 000 IGCSE entrants worldwide, and the 460 000 AS and A Level entrants worldwide, an incredible nineteen of our candidates were celebrated for first place either nationally or internationally, making us once again the top performing Cambridge school in South Africa by a thick margin.