Illuminate et Optimus

Over the last few weeks, the staff at British International have been working diligently to ensure our colleges and schools are ready for the safe return of our students. This not only includes the disinfecting of the school buildings, but also medical and procedural research.

By observing the opening and running of schools in the United Kingdom, Australia and throughout Europe, we have implemented a number of procedures which will help to keep our children, students and staff as safe as possible with their return on 1 June.

WOW! Simply too many A8 and A results in the international exams!WOW! Simply too many A8 and A results in the international exams!


Our Students who achieved excellent Cambridge Results in the 2019 exams


Tu, Sherwin (Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Mathematics & Physics) | Ojakorotu, Chukwuekwu Kesiana (Chemistry & Mathematics) | Bagchi, Rivoo (Economics & English Language) | Ghosh, Rupam (Computer Science & Physics) | Pillay, Shivanthi Lakshmi (Computer Science & Language and Literature in English) | Haler, Georgina Lee (English Language) | Mathur, Yash Maurya (Mathematics) | Kapp, Kevin (Chinese Language) | Padayachy, Niroshe (Afrikaans Language) | Hopwood, Megan (Afrikaans Language ) | Wu, Jason (Chinese) | Wu, Eric (Chinese) | Qi, Rui Hang (Chinese Language) | Mulenga, Bwembya Andrew (Economics, English Language & History) | Sakrani, Usama (Chemistry & Mathematics) | Kodisang, Neo Ponatshego (History) | Connellan, Bryce James (Computer Science, Further Mathematics & Mathematics) | Coetzee, Ruben Josua (Afrikaans Language) | Neke, Lungusani Wilson Miguel (Mathematics) | Heijns, Servaas Daniel (Afrikaans Language & English Language) | Mokatse, Londekile Thandolwakhe (English Language) | Peters, Kai Marytin (Afrikaans Language & German Language) | Naji, Abdelmalek (French Language) | Fourie, Pieter Cronje (Afrikaans Language, Biology & Physics) | Cronje, Sharne (Afrikaans Language) | Erasmus, Milan Edmonds (Afrikaans Language) | Jacobs, Silvana (Physics) | Rousseau, Anke (Afrikaans Language) | Beetge, Renske (Afrikaans Language)



Jacobs, Lenita (Foreign Language French) | Vather, Kasmira (Mathematics) | Sukati, Kgodiso Ashley Sipho (Business Studies) | Taylor, Shaun (Afrikaans Language ) | Fourie, Sonja (Accounting, Biology & First Language Afrikaans) | Joubert, Noelanie (Afrikaans Language, Chemistry, First Language English, Literature (English),Mathematics & Physics) | Venter, Rohan (Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics) | Peters, Nina (Afrikaans Language, Foreign Language French) | Swanepoel, Caylin (Afrikaans Language ) | Van De, Wetering, Louise, Jannika (Mathematics) | Di Polo, Armando Gianelli (Afrikaans Language) | Yin Qiu, Lin (Economics) | Valla, Deepan Vijay (Mathematics) | Mashapa, Reabetswe (Business Studies & First Language English) | Naji, Abdelmalek (First Language English ) | Jaynarayan, Aryan (Geography) | Fourie, Pieter Cronje (Accounting) | Valla, Veer Vijay (Mathematics) | Oshry, Keaton (Co-Ordinates Science, First Language English & Foreign Language Spanish) | Beya, Ngalula Julia (Business Studies & Co-Ordinated Science) | Hardie, Olivia Christina (Literature (English)&Sociology) | Visagie, Jarryn (Co-Ordinated Science, Computer Science, First Language English & Mathematics) | Hoffman, Caitlin Andrea (Co-Ordinated Science, First Language English & Foreign Language Spanish) | Bhardwaj, Viraaj (Co-Ordinated Science, Computer Science, Geography & Mathematics) | Ntjanemaje, Tegra Nzanelo (Foreign Language French) | Dzenisiuk, Palina (Co-Ordinated Science, Computer Science, First Language English &Mathematics) | Rai, Akanksha (Co-Ordinated Science, Economics, First Language English, Foreign Language French, Geography & Mathematics) | Eason, Christopher Gordon (Co-Ordinated Science, Computer Science, Economics, First Language  English & Mathematics) | Muposhi, Natasha (Co-Ordinated Science & Computer Science & Sociology) | Kirienko, Daria (Co-Ordinated Science, Foreign Language Spanish, Sociology & Mathematics) | Rajah, Savannah, Axella (Co-Ordinated Science, First Language English, Sociology, Foreign Language French& Mathematics) | Alatovic, Aaliyah (Co-Ordinated Science, First Language English, Foreign Language Spanish& Geography) | Pandey, Shreyansh (Co-Ordinated Science, Computer Science, First Language English, Foreign Language French & Mathematics) | Padayachy, Niroshen (Business Studies, Co-Ordinated Science, Economics & First Language English) | Padayachy, Girisha (Information and Communication Technology ) | Asim, Dua (Business Studies, Sociology, Co-Ordinated Science, First Language English & Mathematics) | Asim, Shayan (Co-Ordinated Science, Computer Science, First Language English & Mathematics) | Hopwood, Megan (First Language English, Sociology & History) | Alatovic, Isa (Information and Communication Technology) | Eason, Benjamin Kenneth(Information and Communication Technology) | Zhang, Han (Co-Ordinated Science, Economics, Literature(English) & Mathematics) | Janse Van Rensburg, Kerryn(Co-Ordinated Science, Sociology, First Language English & History) | Siwela, Prince Bhekubukhosi (Business Studies, History & IsiZulu as a second Language) | Kara, Micah Samuel (Co-Ordinated Science & Mathematics) | Mokoto, Bonolo Sehela (Isizulu as a second Language) | Banda, Raymond Daliso Mwale (First Language English) | Sakrani, Hamzah (Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Foreign Language French, Mathematics & Physics) | Sesinyi, Tenatso Binns (Co-Ordinated Science, Economics, Foreign Language French & Geography) | Mollink, Leah Teresa (First Language English) | Pandey, Prisha (Information and Communication Technology) | Fouquet, Alexia Marie Iriata (Foreign Language French & Sociology) | Ikopit, Ethan Paul (Information and Communication Technology ) | Coetzee, Ruben Josua (Economics) | Mohamed, Shanice (First Language English) | Koe, Mbomback Dimitri (Foreign Language Spanish) | Ristic, Sophie Leah (First Language English) | Bills, Kai David (Sociology)